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Our current topic is World War II.

Engagement with Parents


We invited our parents and carers to join our Topic lesson to see how we learn. We were shown pictures of Anderson Shelters, together with a sample model of one and we had to work out how we could make them using the materials on the table.

We think we were quite successful!

Parent Engagement Afternoon - Making Anderson Shelters.

Socially Speaking


Socially Speaking is where we learn to become more effective listeners and are encouraged to think about the thoughts and feelings of others.

Class Discussion


We believe that every word spoken in our classroom is important so we log our discussions so that we can see the answers we have given, the thoughts, feelings and opinions we have had. These discussions are then put into our books so that we can look back at them.


Our active discussions are an important part of our learning as they help us with our social communication difficulties.




Understanding other Religions and Cultures


To link in with our Topic work on World War II we have been learning about the Jewish faith and how the Jewish people were persecuted during the war.


International and National History


We have been learning about World War II and the impact it had on the people of Britain. We have been learning in an interactive way to help us to understand how it might feel to be a child during a war. This helps us to associate with and understand how children of today can be affected in war zone countries now.