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Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education

This area of learning runs through our curriculum and everyday school life. 

These are the aspects we will focus on in each term: 




To understand that they belong to a community.

To understand the classroom is a safe place and be able to contribute to making the classroom a safe & fair place.

To recognise and understand how other people are feeling.

To know how to make people feel better. 

To listen to each other’s views and preferences, agree the next steps to take and identify contributions by each group member.



To recognise and understand how the Green Cross Code helps us to be safe when crossing the road.

I know that there are different people who can keep us safe on the roads.

I understand how to keep safe on bonfire night.

To understand how to make someone feel good by giving them a compliment.

To know what to say when someone gives me a compliment.






I can tell you how I learn best and can learn from my successes. 

I can say what I want to happen when there is a problem.

I can choose a realistic goal and break it down into small steps. 

I can tell you what I have learnt and what I might do differently to learn more effectively.

I can tell you why things have been successful.   

I can recognise when I am becoming bored or frustrated.

I know some ways to overcome boredom and frustration.








I can tell when I feel cared for and can care for someone else. 

I understand that if someone leaves me they might still love me. 

I understand that sometimes people have to make difficult choices. 

I can talk about my feelings when I feel alone or when I have to share someone or something that is important to me. 

I can tell you how I feel when I lose someone or something I care about. 

I can talk about my feelings when I am alone. 

I understand the role of drugs as medicines and how they can be harmful if not used properly