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Year 1

Welcome to Year One

Here are some of the exciting things we have been doing...

Farmer Teds Trip


As part of our farm topic we visited Farmer Teds for the day.  

We had a brilliant day doing lots of fun and exciting things.  

We groomed the ponies, we met the guinea pigs, saw the ferrets racing and had a ride on the tractor, it was very bumpy.

We even had time to play on the go-karts, slides, the climbing frames and swings.

We saw a cow being milked and talked about the foods that we can make using milk.  

It was a very busy day!  


Science - exploring our senses 


As part of our science work we have been learning about our senses.  

We know that we have five senses - touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste.

We did some different activities and played some games using our senses.

We played Kim's game using our sense of sight - we had to look at the objects and then close our eyes.  We had to guess which object was missing.  

We put a blindfold on and tasted some different foods, we were able to guess what many of them were, even though we couldn't see!

We played a sound game by listening to different sounds and seeing if we could guess the sound.

We used our sense of touch to touch different objects and describe what they felt like.  We covered our guess so we could try and guess what the object was.  

Our senses really helped us in these games. 

Senses carousel

Children in Need

Our school council decided to participate in getting spotty for Children in Need.

We talked about the charity and how the money we raise can be used in many different ways to help children's lives.  

Do you like our spots?  Some of our parents even helped us to make our own spotty t-shirts. How creative are parents and carers are!



International Week

Year One have been finding out all about Australia as part of International Week.

For homework the children researched Australia to find out some facts that they could share with the class.  

In English we found out about some of the landmarks in Australia.  We talked about the Sydney Opera House, Ayers Rock, The Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Great Barrier Reef.  

Did you know that the Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world and it can be seen from space!

We made a booklet with some of the facts that we learnt.  


Next we thought about what animals might live in Australia.  We found out about what the animals like to eat, what they look like and where they like to live.  


In art we painted some aboriginal art work and in design technology we used a template to make some clay models of some of the australian animals.  


We have been very busy learning about another country.  

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