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2RM loved dressing up for World Book Day! 01.03.18

2RM's Snow Day 27.2.18

International Week - South Africa

Manchester Visitor Centre


On Friday 3rd November the whole of year 2 went on the best trip ever! We went to Manchester Airport to learn all about transport - in particular planes. We set off early in the morning on a big, blue bus and we entertained ourselves by singing, telling stories and playing eye spy. After what seemed like a long journey we arrived and we could immediately see planes, they were in the car park! While we were there we all got to go on the DC10. This is the front part of an old Monarch plane that has been kept as a classroom so that it can be used by children like us. We got to go in the flight deck and sit in the captains and first officers seat and pretend to fly the plane. We even got to wear a pilots hat. Some of us got to dress up as fire fighters and cabin crew because there are lots of different people that work and the airport and are needed to make sure that all the planes and passengers are safe. Did you know they have bird chasers at the airport? These are actually cars that go around to check the run way and they scare the birds away. On the trip we got to do some plane spotting. We saw lots of big planes taking off and landing. We also got to see Concorde. Unfortunately we didn't go inside Concorde but we were able to walk under it. It was massive! Concorde has 12 wheels, it has a tiny one at the back but all the other wheels are about the same size as us! Did you know Concorde could travel 1350mph?

We had a great trip and learnt lots. Most of us would like to go again!



Manchester Visitor Centre

Wednesday 4th October 2017


Year 2  haven't used a pen all day. We have done lots of learning but we've not written anything down. How is this possible?

Our day started off with English, where we shared our lesson with our parents. We had to sort sentences into the 4 sentences types. Do you know what they are?

Next we had phonics, some of us played games, like snakes and ladders, where we had to sound out the word that was in the square we landed on.

Then it was maths. We've created some fantastic posters show the different ways that we can partition numbers, and you guessed it, we didn't use any pens, just glue and paper. What fun it was!

After lunch it was time for PE and PSCHE. In PE we used our travelling skills to develop different sequences of travelling across the floor and in PSCHE we looked at what a healthy diet was an a balanced diet and we created our own plates by crumpling and tearing paper. Some plates look good enough to eat!

Take a look at the photos below to see what we've been up to on No pens day.

Lesson with Parents 4/10/17

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

2SR did some excellent artwork based on the abstract art of Piet Mondrian. They used lolly pop sticks to print the straight lines and then painted using primary colours within the shapes they had made. We think they turned out brilliantly. Well done 2SR!

Picture 1