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Year 2

Welcome to Year Two


Look at some of the exciting things we have been doing.  




Waterloo went to Chester Zoo


Today (Wednesday 26th April) Year 2 and Base 4 all went to Chester Zoo to find out about African animals, their habitats and also about lots of other animals too. We had an exciting journey on the double decker bus and we had to go through the Mersey Tunnel. At the Zoo we saw how big it was and we knew we wouldn't get to see all of the animals but we saw a lot! We saw elephants, tigers, lions, apes, monkeys, fruit bats, a python, penguins, black rhinos, giraffes and their babies, meerkats and so much more.

Did you know?

  • Did you know that elephants poo 20 times a day?
  • Giraffes poos are the size of malteasers and elephants poo is about the size of a football. 
  • A giraffe has 7 bones in it's neck, just like we do, but theirs are a lot bigger.
  • A cheetah has a tiny skull because it is made to run fast.
  • Chester Zoo has the longest python out of all the zoos in Europe.
  • An ape doesn't have a tail but a monkey does.

We've got tadpoles!

We came back to school after Easter and Miss Richardson told us she had a great surprise in store for the class. What would it be? Extra golden time? A day off? No, it wasn't any of those. We came into school to lots of tiny, black wriggly, swimming tadpoles. There are loads of them. Each day we check them to see how the are and look after them by feeding them and changing their water.  We've learnt that the tadpoles started off as frogspawn and then they will eventually turn into frogs. How amazing that will be to see!

Our tadpoles

Our tadpoles 1 Frogspawn
Our tadpoles 2 Wow tiny tadpoles 1 day old
Our tadpoles 3 Tadpoles 4 weeks old

International Week 21/11/16 - 25/11/16

This week we have been learning about Sierra Leone.

We have learnt that it is a country in Africa and that is has lots of physical features like a beach, forests, vegetation,  mountains and it is on the coast by the sea.

We learnt that each colour of it's flag represents a different  thing.



We also learnt about African craftspeople. In Africa, they make brightly coloured mats from different coloured strips of material. We noticed that some of them are symmetrical. We made our own brightly coloured mats from strips of paper.


Year 2 Manchester Airport Trip

We went on a fantastic trip to the Runway Centre at Manchester Airport. We had an excellent time looking at all the planes. We stood and walked underneath the world's fastest passenger plane; Concorde. She used to fly very fast, about 1350mph. We stood next to some of her wheels-they were about the same height as us. What big wheels Concorde has!

 We also went in DC10 which was the front of an old plane. In it we watched a video about how the front of the plane was cut off and then we got to dress up and pretend that we were people who work at the airport. Some of us were pilots, air stewards, police officers, fire fighters and flight engineers. What fun we had!

Then we were all able to wear the big pilots hat and sit in the cockpit and pretend that we were flying the plane. Even Miss Richardson and Mrs Palmer had a go. We were able to eat our lunch watching and listening to all the huge, noisy planes land and take off. We tried to guess where they had just come from or we're going to. Then it was time to go back to school. We all had an excellent time.

Manchester Airport Visitor Runway Centre Year 2 Trip October 2016

Spectacular cakes


Last Thursday (3/11/16) we put our maths skills to the test and used our magic maths brains to work out a cake recipe in Design and Technology. We had to work out how many teaspoons of ingredients were needed by answering addition and subtraction calculations. Once we'd worked out the correct recipe we then set about making the mixture. We all worked together as a team to make our tasty cakes. 


Once the cakes were ready, and by using the "Blue Peter Method" of "here's some I made earlier" we decorated 180 cakes. We used designs that we had created which had the design brief of a firework theme and we could only use certain colours. We thoroughly enjoyed doing this and raised lots of money to go towards helping us learn in school.