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Bienvenidos al ano tres




Take a look at some of the things that we have been learning during our time in year 3.

National Stand Up To Bullying Day


Today is national Stand Up To Bullying Day. We spent the afternoon looking at ways that we can be upstanders and not bystanders. We also took the time to pay each other compliments. We left school feeling very happy after all of our compliments and had a better understanding of how we can stand up to bullying. 

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National Tourette's Awareness Day


Today was National Tourette's Awareness Day. We took part in a sponsored sports day to raise money for Tourette's Awareness. The children and staff learnt all about tourette's and the children came up with some fantastic questions to ask Jacob in Y5 who has tourette's. We had a fantastic day and all learnt something new about tourette's, Miss Lawes and Miss Robinson even learnt how to floss as part of our circuit training!

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International Week: A special talk from one of our pupils and parents about their home country Hungary and Hungarian pancakes!

International week: Flamenco dancing

International week: Flamenco dancing 1
International week: Flamenco dancing 2
International week: Flamenco dancing 3
International week: Flamenco dancing 4

International week: Spanish story time

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The children have been listening to the story La Oruga Muy Hambrienta (The Very Hungry Caterpillar). We looked at the use of the adjectives after the noun and joined in with the story while doing some actions.

International week: Spanish food tasting

International week: World Cup Tournament Spain vs Australia

Looking at things from someone else's point of view


This week the children have been learning about the wolf's side of the story in the traditional tale 'The Three Little Pigs'. They listened to the story and thought about both the pig's and the wolf's point of view and how the were different. This developed their understanding of how misconceptions can be formed and lead to upset feelings and falling out.



We are all connected


In PSHCE the children have been thinking about how we are all connected to one another by friendship, hair colour, likes or dislikes and many more things. We used a BIG ball of string to show how our class is connected. We are all very different and unique but we also have a lot that is the same.



Learning how to work together

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As part of our PSHCE curriculum the children completed an activity in groups to create 5 puzzles. The challenge was that they all had each others pieces, they had to work in complete silence and they were not allowed to ask for a piece that they needed they were only allowed to offer people pieces that they needed.

Working together

Road Safety Assembly


The children participated in a road safety assembly and listened to a new story starring Superbob, teaching them about the dangers of parked cars and encouraging the children to talk to their parents and other adults about safe parking places. 


Power of one assembly

Power of one assembly 1
Power of one assembly 2
Today we had our Power of One assembly. They taught us how to spot signs of bullying and what we should do if we see bullying happening. We should never be a bystander, ignore it or cheer a bully on. We must always tell an adult. We all have the power to stop bullying.

Library Visit

Library Visit 1
Library Visit 2
Library Visit 3
Library Visit 4
Today we visited the library to find out all about Ancient Egypt. We completed fact sheets about Egyptian Gods by finding key information in books.