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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


Bienvenidos al ano tres




Take a look at some of the things that we have been learning during our time in year 3.

Our trip to the park


We visited the Park as part of our writing topic based around the book Voices In The Park. We listened to the story and even had a surprise visit from some characters in the book (Albert and Victoria). We also had the chance to ask the park keeper questions which really helped us to explore our character.   


SMSC: I can use a range of social skills in different situations






Problem solving games in Maths


​Year 3 were exploring place value today. They had to make the largest or biggest  3 digit number by deciding where to place each digit and hopefully win against their partner. 


SMSC: I can use a range of social skills in different situations.

















 that's why we use Google!


We have been using the iPads to search for and research what a park keeper does to help us with our park keeper's diary in English. We discussed search engines, how to search for information and what to do when a site is not helpful to us. We also practised our reading skills.







Practical problem solving in Maths


Every time 8 is added to a number ending with 7, the answer ends with 5.


True or False


Can you explain why?


This was the question that some of our budding mathematicians were posed with today and used the dienes equipment to explore and help them explain.




















What should we use on our fruit pizza?


 We have been reading Voices In The Park and looking at healthy eating in Science so we are designing a healthy picnic snack in Design and Technology, which we will then write instructions for so others can make them too! First, we had to experiment with different fruits so that we could fulfil our design brief. We didn't really like figs but some of us were surprised by blueberries and blackberries.




Getting ready for Tokyo 2020 in Gymnastics.


We have been working with a gymnastics coach to perfect our jumping and balancing in Gymnastics.



Year 3 Kitchen: making fruit pizza


Today, we made our fruit pizzas by following by our designs. We safely practised using equipment to slice the fruit. Then,  we had a picnic to eat our healthy snacks. YUM!


SMSC: I can be imaginative and creative in my learning; I am willing to reflect on my experiences.


Working together to plan our setting descriptions


Today in English, we were developing our use of adjectives to describe a setting from our class story

'Charlie's Superhero Underpants'. We worked in groups to create exciting descriptions, based on our senses, with adjectives and some similes. Then, some of us were spies, who visited other tables to magpie a fantastic description and take it back to our group.


SMSC: I can be creative and imaginative in my learning; I can use a range of social skills in different situations.











Practising our jumping

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The children have been using equipment to reach new heights in gymnastics this week.

Well done Renee and Grace!


We have been reading and writing about Charlie's superhero underpants in English.We wrote a setting description for one of the countries that Charlie visited - Nepal . Renee and Grace decided to make a fantastic model of the mountains in Nepal in breakfast club. What great creativity!

Tokyo 2020... we are ready!


The children progressed to practising and developing their balances on equipment today.













Making Mummies


Today in Year 3 the children were learning how to make a mummy just like the ancient Egyptians and we had great fun

role playing all of the different tasks before writing a set of instructions.


SMSC: I enjoy learning about myself and the world around me.











































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We have been practising introducing ourselves and saying how we feel in Spanish. We have now started to have conversations with each other and ask and answer basic questions.

SMSC: I can use a range of social skills in different situations.

Year 3 Artists


Year 3 have been practising their sketching and shading skills with pencil crayons and pastels using leaves that they had collected. They then used the leaves to explore relief printing techniques.




























Being creative with our printing skills


The children have been creatively using their relief printing skills to create Christmas cards as part of our school campaign to raise money for charity.


SMSC: I am imaginative and creative in my learning.




Creating dialogue for our stories

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The children have been learning about inverted commas in English so today they used role play to create a dialogue based upon our class story for their own versions of Charlie's superhero underpants in which Mrs Baldwin has found his underpants and she loves them! Will he ever get them back?
SMSC: I am creative and imaginative in my learning; I can use a range of social skills and work with others.

Creating dialogue

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Remembrance Day


In honour of the fallen soldiers and to remember the sacrifices that were made the children made their own poppies.


SMSC: I accept and engage with the fundamental British values



Anti - bullying week


During a very busy week, the children took part in various activities to explore how they can use their power for good.


The children worked together to think about the powers that an anti - bullying superhero would have. They then designed their own superhero and wrote a character description in English.


SMSC:I am able to resolve conflicts effectively; I recognise the difference between right and wrong; I am interested in sharing reasoned views about moral and ethical issues; I can use a range of social skills; I accept and engage with the fundamental British values























The children  turned their superhero characters into tasty gingerbread treats complete with anti-bullying logos.



The children also worked together to use anti - bullying words and phrases that they had collected to create a beautiful and informative picture.



Zulu dancers


The children had a very special assembly today where they got to observe Zulu dancing and take part! They had great fun and were completely mesmerised.


SMSC: I understand and appreciate the range of different cultures within school and further afield as an essential element of their preparation for life in modern Britain.


The WoW of learning


Today we had a visit from Google and their Google Expedition app. The children were able to explore a 360 degrees panoramic of Egypt first hand, look at the River Nile from outer space, dive into the ocean and swim with the sharks and finally go inside our bodies and look our skeleton and heart muscle. 


SMSC: I enjoy learning about myself and the world around me.


Road safety


The children had a special assembly this afternoon in which they listened to a reading of the road safety story ' Superbob' and learned some very important messages about staying safe on the road.