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Year 4

Learning about Moral values through English 


In Year 4 we have been reading and discussing The Angel of Nitshill Road, by Anne Fine. We focused on the difference between right and wrong and applying this to our daily life in school. We have thought carefully about the actions of the character Barry Hunter, and considered the consequences of his bullying behaviour. As a year group, we understand the importance of respecting the views of others and agree that there is no place in school for bullies! 


In our exciting Science lessons, Year 4 understand the consequences of behaviour and actions whilst learning about electricity. The children did a fantastic job of making a complete circuit using a battery, wires and a light bulb. 

Learning about Spiritual values through the study of Hinduism


We have enjoyed learning about ourselves and the world around us through the study of Hinduism in our RE lessons. We discussed our interests in other peoples beliefs and values, and identified our own special places and why they are important to us. Our RE lessons are always varied and enjoyable because of our willingness to reflect on our own experiences.