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Year 6 Topic Homework for January - March 2017 (More Info on Document!)

21.11.16 Superbob and Slow Down for Bobby

Today, we had a visit from an author called Jude. Jude shared her story with the school – that she worked alongside Bobby’s family to write a book about keeping safe on the road. Unfortunately, Bobby was tragically killed by a car by his school. To make sure that this doesn’t happen again, his family have worked tirelessly to make sure that road safety laws are adhered to and that awareness is raised about the dangers of not being safe on the roads. Jude gave the adults messages to stick to about slowing down and shared safety tips to us to make sure we keep safe when looking to cross roads. She then read a story that she wrote in Bobby’s honour. We joined in with Bobby’s key phrases and could identify the main messages from the story. 


16.11.16 Anti-Bullying Week

During this week we have taken part in a national anti-bullying campaign called ‘Power for Good.’ It is all about using our skills and abilities for good, to stop bullying and to make sure that those around us are safe. We designed posters to spread our message, have prepared our spare change for a penny smile (which we will do when the weather improves…), designed and made gingerbread superheroes and also led an assembly. The year 6 anti-bullying ambassadors designed, rehearsed and delivered an assembly about how we can work together in school to avoid bullying, or to fix situations where bullying may arise. The whole school listened really well to the assembly and could answer all of our team’s questions.

21.11.16 African Nations Tribal Dancing

Today we developed our knowledge of other cultures by taking part in a fantastic workshop led by a theatre company based in South Africa. We were engaged from the word ‘go’ as the company began their performance by chanting and singing from another room. The sound gradually grew louder as they finally reached the hall! It was a delight to see the group performing so enthusiastically, they had so much energy and used their facial expressions to make us laugh and smile.

They introduced themselves to us and taught us their names, as well as how to say some basic greetings and answers in their home language. We were very good at this and were soon ready to learn more. We were then invited to learn a traditional African dance which we picked up very quickly! We knew that we would be able to perform it well as we had watched the teachers and their effort before it was our turn. That was one of our favourite parts!

Please enjoy the pictures and videos from our tribal dancing workshop. We loved it and hope you will see this too!


Tribal Nations Dancing

African Dancing

Still image for this video
Have a look at our dancing! We learnt a traditional song and dance.

African Dancing

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African Dancing

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17.10.16: An Update from Amie in Sierre Leone


As part of our work in school, we sponsor a child called Amie who lives in Sierre Leone. This has helped us develop an understanding of the fact that not all children are quite as lucky and privileged as we are. We know that we can come to school safely and can learn, play and eat well whilst here. We know that there are many people here (children, not just adults) who care for us and our well-being.


To make sure that this can happen for others, World Vision offer a sponsorship programme to allow children in other countries to access education. We look after a girl called Amie. We recently received an update which we shared across our year group. Amie is now in grade 2 and is enjoying learning about numbers and counting. Her health is getting better and our sponsorship and Word Vision is helping to support her medical bills. 

As you can see from the report we were sent, Amie looks happy! 


We can't wait for our next update to see how Amie is doing!


31.10.16: In Year 6 we have... GROWTH MINDSETS! 

In year 6 we have been focusing on having growth mindsets that enable us to develop and extend our learning. We have worked to make sure that we do not keep our mindsets fixed. We know, from our learning in our classes, that having a fixed mindset means that we are not willing to try, are not willing to make mistakes and are not confident in our own abilities. We want to be the exact opposite of this in year 6: we want to show ourselves, our school and our friends and families that we are capable. It is our mission this year to try our best, to let ourselves be inspired by the success of others and to challenge ourselves to work beyond what we are currently capable of. We know that working with a growth mindset will make us happier and will also make us progress at a quicker rate.


During our PSHCE lessons, we developed our own personal responses to the question: 'What is someone with a growth mindset like?' Here are a couple of examples:


Welcome to the new school year! 

We can't wait to update this page with the things we are doing this year.
Miss Stobbs, Mr Holland and Mr Whittle.