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After School Activity Clubs

Our new programme of clubs will begin w/c 5th November. Please ask at the Office for prices and availability of places. You will need to complete a booking form for all clubs and pay in advance unless they are free school clubs. 


All star coaching sessions

Multi Sport - Tuesday

Football Club - Wednesday

Gymnastics Club - Friday

Football Reception - Year 3 - Monday 

Gymnastics Club - Friday


School Clubs

Film Club - Wednesday (free)

Clarinet Club - Monday (free)

Choir - Tuesday (free)

Free Fun Fitness KS2 - Thursday (free)

Yutnori Club - Thursday (free)

Free Fun Fitness KS1- Friday (free)


External Clubs

Becca Buttons Craft Club - Monday

Ultimate Kids Dance - Tuesday

Ultimate Kids Fitness - Monday 

Ultimate Kids Dodgeball - Wednesday