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British Values

We promote both our school values and British values (democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and respect and tolerance for different faiths) throughout daily school life and through the curriculum at Waterloo. 

Here are some examples for Year Five: 

In Year Five, children are aware of our school code of conduct and our golden rules. Golden rules are displayed in class, alongside our golden ladder. We talk to the children about why we have our golden rules and we apply our behaviour policy consistently. We refer to our code of conduct and our golden rules when issues arise and encourage children to reflect on the impact of their choices. Through this system, our children develop their awareness of the rule of law. They also develop their understanding of how there are consequences to our actions. We use the 'language of choice,' at Waterloo when reflecting on issues that have arisen, we discuss good and bad choices. This promotes the concept of individual liberty alongside understanding that actions have consequences. 


Children develop their awareness of democracy this year as elected School Council Representatives, Anti-bullying Ambassador and Eco Council Representatives, voice their concerns. 

During Safer Internet Day in the autumn term, children learn about how to keep safe when using the internet and about how they should behave when using the internet. This learning is then referred back to throughout the year. 

During Anti-bulling week in the autumn term, children learn about what bullying is and how they can help to prevent it at Waterloo Primary School. Children work together to create a class anti-bullying pledge, they all promise to play a positive role. This pledge is attached a balloon and released at our whole school anti-bullying balloon launch. Again, this learning is referred back to throughout the year. Children know that they can turn to our well-trained, (pupil) Anti-Bullying Ambassadors if they ever experience or witness bullying of any type. Children are taught about how to stand up bullies in an appropriate way. We will discuss peer pressure and again will use the language of choice. 


Through our RE lessons, children explore the theme of ‘Belonging’, they consider what it means to belong to different groups and communities (their family, their class, their school…). They are encouraged to think about the role they play and the contributions they make. Children learn about Christianity and about Judaism and learn that different  people can have different beliefs. Children visit our local church and have the opportunity to chat to a religious leader. We share traditional stories about Chinese New Year and about Chinese celebrations. Throughout our RE work, we encourage children to respect different faiths and to recognise that different people can have different faiths. 


We adapt our curriculum to respond to local, national and international events as appropriate and children often take part in charity fund raising events. When appropriate, we sensitively chat to the children about events in the news.