Waterloo Primary School

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Help at Home

Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE)

Please help your child to practise dressing and undressing as independently as possible.

Please encourage your child to use a knife and fork during meal times.

Continue to wash hands when changing activities throughout the day.


Please complete one sheet per day from the homework activity pack sent home.

Listen to a story read by an adult or from the internet.

Watch some traditional tales on youtube e,g, Hansel and Gretel or the The Little Pigs.

Log onto phonics bug using your own special login given out in Autumn term.

Continue to practise letter formation.


 Please complete one sheet per day from the homework activity pack sent home.

Practise counting daily.

Listen to some number songs on youtube. the children love the 'scratch garden' songs.

Play shop with coins. 


To practise calculations and play Maths games log in to the Numbots website.


To see how the children perform calculations involving the four operations please have a look at the appropriate calculation policy suitable for their current level of attainment. 


It is recognised that the children may only use one preferred method. 


Year 1 Maths calculation policy.pdf


     Practise using different mark making tools e,g, pencils, paintbrush, felt tips. We have been trying hard to keep our mark making within the lines of the pictures on the paper.


 Computing can range from pressing input buttons on toys to make them move, light up or make sounds to using word processors to type their names or short sentences.

Design & Technology







 Go on BBC Nursery rhymes and get your child to choose their favourite nursery rhymes to sing along to.

Physical Education 

Visit '' for ideas to get your child moving. Sign up for gonoodle (for free) to have a go at different physical activities. Don't forget to use your garden, they are the perfect space to get your child puffed out.


Using YOUTUBE you can work out with Joe Wickes everyday or use Focuzfit PE workouts which have been created by an ex pupil of the school who leads a lot of our after school clubs. There are some great workouts for adults on there too!

Link:  or search focuzfit on youtube to bring up the list.

Religious Education 



 We have been studying farm animals and their babies, please help you child to research this topic by reading books/watching videos linked to this topic.



Easter Activities