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A message from Ms Davies



How is the practice going?

I thought you might like a few ideas to help you to keep going or, if you haven’t done much yet, to encourage you to blow the dust off that instrument and see if you can remember which end is up! 


Some of these suggestions might seem a bit easy or a bit hard, depending on how long you’ve been playing but HAVE A GO. The important thing is that you have an instrument in your hands and if you can do at least one FIVE-MINUTE-FUN thing every day, when we meet again you’ll be as marvellous as you were when we were last together. (Of course you can spend longer than 5 minutes!) Maybe keep a diary of what you do and the date.

You are welcome to change the ideas., use them as a starting point, do whatever you like with them, use your imagination...Just BLOW!!! 

First of all, check you’ve got your LEFT hand ready to use at the top of your instrument, near your face - LOOK FOR THE L! 

If you have sheets or a book that you have been working from, play whatever you like. 


Go back over old tunes and be amazed at how easy they are now that you are more experienced. 

Try something NEW... Be brave! Look further on in your book; learn new fingerings; play a bar or two that has notes you know; look back for anything you have forgotten. If there are quizzes, do the answers in pencil...just in case...! 

If you have a CD with your book, use it. Listen to the professional player, learn that tune slowly, and do a bit of karaoke! 

GREAT IDEA COMING UP... Aim to practise for a few days and plan a short concert to entertain your family at the end of each week. Make tickets! Write the day, time and place you’ll be performing! Before you play to them, explain a bit about your instrument - how you have to hold it, how you make the sound, and so on. They will understand how difficult it is... Don’t forget to tell them the titles of the tunes you’re going to play...An audience ALWAYS listens better if they know what they are listening to! Keep going, even if you make a mistake! If you don’t stop, they will keep listening and forget or not even notice that there was a mistake. They will clap to thank you for playing...DON’T FORGET TO THANK THEM BY BOWING!! Have confidence in yourself - you are probably doing something that they can’t do - so BE PROUD!!! 


Have fun... We’ll meet again before long so don’t stop playing! 

Bye for now...happy tootling! 

Sheet Music 

Backing Tracks 


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