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Home learning Tasks


Here is a timetable that children can follow during this time of homelearning. 






Maths- complete the word problems sheet below. 

English - finish your story. Can you check that you've used the correct punctuation and some amazing adjectives?

Reading - Please complete at least 3 ReadTheory Quizzes.

Computing -   Please complete the Minecraft Activity.


Have a great weekend!




Today's challenges are below:

Maths - 2 digit addition. Remember to use drawings to help you.

Literacy - Can you use yesterday's plan to write the first part of your story? Remember to focus on capital letters and full stops as well as challenging yourself to use exclamation marks and question marks.

Reading - Please complete the Amazing Arctic reading activity. Maybe you could use some of the facts in here in your story!

Geography - please complete the Continents worksheet. We will be doing a project on the continents after Easter so this is a great time to prepare!


I hope you all have another lovely day today!

Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE)

This term we have been learning about keeping ourselves healthy, fit and well. 

Please use the following link to complete some activities and learn more.  Maybe you could try making some of the recipes.  You could take photographs to show your teacher and friends.




Children can practise their reading and comprehension skills on ReadTheory where thousands of comprehensions are available. Children should use their individual log ins to log in at . 


Children should practise the Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words by both reading them and practising writing them in cursive handwriting. The alphabet strip above provides examples of the letters. 


To complete homework; practise maths that has been taught in class or have a try at things coming up have a look at the MyMaths website


Children should practise 1, 2, 5 and 10 times tables for at least 5 minutes a day.

It is recommended that children practise times tables for at least 15 minutes a day.


To practise calculations and play Maths games log in to the Numbots website.


To see how the children perform calculations involving the four operations please have a look at the calculation policy. 




Children should practise a variety of art skills including pencil skills, collage and painting skills. They can use these skills in many different ways but some ideas include: transport, Africa, animals, flight, space. The artists that we have focussed on this year are Peter Blake, Gakonga and Piet Mondrian. Children can research these artists and their art and create artwork based on them. 



To develop your coding skills, set up a free Scratch account:

You can also log on to Espresso using your username and password. We have been looking at Unit 2a. Please remember to save your work.


To practise your e-safety you can research different methods of transport and the space race. You can use the information you find to create a poster on Word or a short Powerpoint.

Design & Technology

 Children should create a healthy snack following on from their activities at school. Discuss with your child the different fruits that you could use and why they are healthy. Children can write instructions based on their healthy snack and make graphs showing the opinions of your house on their favourite fruits. 


 Children are learning about map skills. They can create maps of their local area if they go on a walk including a key of important landmarks. Children can also create imaginary maps from their imagination to show their understanding. 


 Children can use the following link to help them to revisit their topic of transport. 


There are lots of interesting facts on the history of flight available here which children can look at in preparation for the summer term.



Listen to different styles of music classical / pop / reggae / rock. Which one do you like best? Why? Listen to different composers of your favourite style. How do they vary? Discuss the structure, the timbre you can hear, the temp and the rhythms within the music.


Watch videos on  to learn / revise the elements of music.


Listen to classical music and discuss how it makes you feel.

Physical Education 


 PE WITH JOE starting Monday morning at 9am on Joe's YOUTUBE channel: The Body Coach TV 📺 Joe is going to be the Nations PE teacher everyday Monday to Friday at 9am. If you can tune in and workout with Joe - get your parents/carers to do it with you too!


Have a go at some these health and well-being activities:


Practise your GoNoodle dances - Kidz Bop is allowed! Zumba will help you to practise your rhythmic skills and there are lots of home workouts suitable for children on there too. 

Religious Education 

 Children can learn about Judaism here :


 Children have been learning about keeping healthy and why it is important. 

This episode of Operation Ouch talks about why food is important and what it does for our body. Can you create a poster showing what you have learned?


On this episode it shows the importance of washing your hands.

Can you write a letter to someone explaining why this is important?


Both of these episodes are about exercise and why it is important.


After watching them could you create a labelled body showing how exercise affects each part of the body? Can you run an experiment to see the effects of exercise on yourself?