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Squares & Circles - Lesson 2  measuring mass

Rectangles - Lesson 2 recognising a half

Triangles - Lesson 2 making a whole





Have a look at the picture from Pobble 365 by clicking on the link below.  

Complete the activity by typing your ideas onto the sheet - you could take a photo of your work and upload it to Seesaw.






Squares & Circles:

Lesson 1 Introducing Mass and Weight - Watch the video and complete the activity below.



Lesson 1 Make equal parts - Watch the video and complete the activity below.



Lesson 1 Unit and non-unit fractions - Watch the video and complete the activity below.





Complete the activities for your group. You might like to take a photograph of your work and upload it to the Seesaw app for me to check your answers..

The Hole in the Fence


Please access to complete comprehension homework.


Children will be allocated a weekly phonics book/games on Phonics Bug.  They should log in using their own log in details to access these resources.


Log in to Phonics play to access games and activities to support your child with their decoding, segmenting and blending skills.


Please use the alphabet strip below to help practise cursive handwriting daily.



Children will also be allocated English homework via the SeeSaw app.  Children should log on using their user name and password that they have been given.


Pobble 365

Each day complete the tasks for the day based on the picture. These include:

Question time?

Perfect picture

Story starter - write what happens next

Sentence challenge

Sick sentences


You will find a selection of grammar, punctuation and spelling tasks on

Log into your account to access these.


Please look at the Spelling Lists below linked to the curriculum that your child will be covering.

Practise learning 5 words a day - encourage your child to use each word in a sentence.





To complete homework; practise maths skills that have been taught in class or have a try at future topics visit the MyMaths website.


To practise calculations or play maths games visit the Numbots website.


Children should practise their times tables for at least 5 minutes a day using Times Tables Rockstars.

It is recommended that children practise their times tables for at least 15 minutes a day.


Or use Multplication Check Times table    


You will find a selection of maths activities to complete when you log in to your seesaw account.


To see how the children perform calculations involving the four operations please have a look at the appropriate calculation policy for your child's current level of attainment. 


Year 1 Maths calculation policy.pdf

Year 2 Maths Calculation Policy.pdf

Year 3 calculation policy (1).pdf

Year 4 Maths calculation policy.pdf