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Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education

This area of learning runs through our curriculum and everyday school life. 

These are the aspects we will focus on in each term: 



The children will develop skills of empathy, collaboration, managing anger and resolving conflict through the topic 'Getting on and falling out'. Also, the children will learn ways in which they can stop bullying and create the best world possible. They will be learning how to stay safe online and their responsibilities as an internet user. Through our Science topic, the children will learn about healthy eating and how they can develop a healthier lifestyle.


Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle

The children will learn the positive role of medicines and develop an understanding of how they can be harmful if not used properly. They will identify different ways medicines are used, and people who can give medicines safely. They will also learn that other household products can be harmful if not used properly, and learn ways to keep safe around them.

The children will be encouraged to take part in discussions and reflect upon their own strengths and to consider  feelings associated with learning and how they might overcome the barriers to learning with anxiety and worrying.



We will explore feelings within the context of relationships, including family and friends. This theme aims to develop knowledge and understanding in three key social and emotional aspects of learning: self-awareness, managing feelings and empathy.

Throughout our curriculum, we will be learning about British values.