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Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education

This area of learning runs through our curriculum and everyday school life. 

These are the aspects we will focus on in each term: 





Sex education

Growth, puberty, emotion changers and menstruation. The 2014 New Curriculum focuses on puberty and relationships but not sexual relationships.

Children will:

•     Learn about different life cycles and consider how they have changed and how they will change.

•     Learn that as they approach puberty their emotions will change and learn how to deal with these in a positive way.

•     Gain an understanding of the menstrual cycle and learn about the support which is for pupils when they start their periods. 


To develop an understanding of issues affecting the wider world, including a concern for communities where human needs are not always met. 

Children will:

•     Develop an understanding of money and distribution of wealth.

•     Develop a sense of fairness and justice.

•     Understand that people may exhibit lawful or unlawful behaviour.