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Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education

This area of learning runs through our curriculum and everyday school life. 

These are the aspects we will focus on in each term: 




  • I know how to stay safe when crossing roads and when travelling
  • I know that some drugs can be helpful and some can be dangerous and I can explain some safety rules
  • I can recognise and manage different feelings
  • I can cooperate and share






  • I recognise that some people have disabilities and understand that we are all equal and there are many things we can all do
  • I recognise and respect different cultures and faiths
  • I can set personal goals
  • I know my actions have consequences and my behaviour affects others








  • I understand that people work to earn money
  • I can solve simple problems involving money and know it is important to save
  • I know how I have changed since I was a baby
  • I can name parts of body including external genitalia. I know some differences between boys and girls
  • I know what personal hygiene is and why it is important (including dental care)
  • I can explain some life cycles and know that all living things reproduce
  • I recognise feelings associated with change (new class, new school, new house)
  • I understand the difference between secrets and surprises and know that I don’t need to keep secrets for adults