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Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship, Education

This area of learning runs through our curriculum and everyday school life. 


These are the aspects we will focus on in each term: 



  • Know that I belong to a community

  • Feel safe and content within my class

  • Feel good about the ways we are similar in the group and the ways I am different

  • Know how to make someone feel welcome. 


  • Know we learn in different ways

  • Tell you some of my strengths as a learner

  • Say what I want to happen when there is a problem

  • Choose a realistic goal

  • Resist distractions

  • Work towards a reward or for the satisfaction of finishing a task

  • Recognise when I am becoming bored or frustrated

  • Know some ways to overcome boredom and frustration

  • Tell you about my ‘gifts and talents’

  • Tell you something that makes me feel proud

  • Know when I learn best

  • Tell you what I have learnt

  • Tell you the things that I am good at and those things that I find more difficult

  • Tell when a feeling is weak and when it is strong

  • Know more names for feelings than I did before

  • Use more words to express my feelings

  • Tell when I am feeling worried or anxious

  • Tell you some things that make me feel anxious.



  • Knowing myself I know the people who are important to me
  • I can tell when I feel cared for
  • I can tell when I love or care for someone
  • Understanding my feelings I can tell you something that has made me jealous
  • I can tell when I feel jealous
  • I understand that being unkind and hurting someone doesn’t make me feel better
  • I can tell you how I feel when I lose someone or something I care about.

      Managing my feelings

  • I can feel proud on behalf of my friends when they have done something well
  • I can think of ways to make me feel better when I feel hurt
  • I can make myself feel better without hurting others
  • I can share people I care about
  • I can talk about my feelings when I feel alone or when I have to share someone or something that is important to me.


  • Knowing myself I can tell you some things about me that have changed and some things that will not change
  • I can tell you how I might change in the future
  • I know that some changes are natural and happen ‘by themselves’
  • I know different ways that help me to learn to do things
  • I can tell you what a habit is and know that it is hard to change one
  • I know what it means when something is or isn’t your fault.

Planning to reach a goal

  • I can tell you about a plan I have made with my class to change something in our school
  • I can plan to overcome obstacles that might get in the way
  • Making choices I can tell you about changes that I can make happen
  • I can make some changes quickly and easily
  • I know that to make some changes is hard and takes a long time
  • I know that I make my own choices about my behaviour.