Waterloo Primary School

Where Pupils Shine



The children have been learning about the life cycle of a bean. The children have planted beans of their own and are waiting patiently for them to grow. They understand that their beans need water and sunlight to help them grow and are watering them themselves. We also conducted a class experiment using three beans: the first will have no sunlight, the second will have no water and the third has no soil. The children have predicted that these beans will not grow and we will check the results in a couple of weeks. 

World Book Day

The children came to school dressed as their favourite book characters. We spoke about our favourite books and why we liked them. We then did a fashion show in front of our class.

Snow Day!

The children had a lot fun playing in the snow! We threw snowballs, made snow angels and even built a snowman! When we came inside we warmed up with a hot chocolate and looked at the pictures we had taken. 


After reading Goldilocks and the three bears the children experimented with porridge oats to see what happens when you add water to them. They then helped to make flapjacks by mixing the ingredients and checking to see when they were ready. 

Humpty Dumpty 

This week the children experimented with eggs to find out why Humpty Dumpty broke when he fell off the wall. We dropped the eggs onto different surfaces and discovered what happened to a hard boiled egg when it fell. The children also made their own paper mache Humty Dumpties to take home. 

Autumn leaves

The children explored the changes during autumn looking at the fallen leaves on our playground. We collected the leaves and made homes for hedgehogs and created leaf pictures.


The children have been exploring and describing the texture of pumpkins. They have also been experimenting with paint to create orange. We also made pumpkin pie.

Afternoon Tea

We enjoyed preparing and sharing Afternoon tea with our friends.  We remembered to use our best manners and helped others before ourselves.