Waterloo Primary School

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Being Me in My World - Puzzle piece 1 


I understand how it feels to belong and that we are all similar and different

I can start to recognise and manage my feelings 

I enjoy working with others to make school a good place to be 

I understand why it is good to be kind and use gentle hands 

I am starting to understand children's rights and this means we should all be allowed to learn and play 

I am learning what being responsible means 


Celebrating Difference - Puzzle Piece 2 


I can identify something I am good at and I understand everyone is good at different things 

I understand that being different makes us all special 

I know we are all different but the same in some ways 

I can tell you why I think my home is special to me 

I can tell you how to be a kind friend 

I know which words to use to stand up for myself when someone says or does something unkind 


Dreams and Goals - Puzzle Piece 3 


I understand that if I persevere, I can tackle challenges 

I can tell you about a time I didn't give up until I achieved a challenge 

I can set a goal and work towards it 

I can use kind words to encourage people 

I understand the link between what I learn now and the job I might do in the future 

I can say how I feel when I achieve a goal and know what it means to feel proud 


Healthy Me - Puzzle Piece 4


I understand that I need to exercise to keep my body healthy 

I understand how moving and resting are good for my body 

I know which foods are healthy and not so healthy and can make healthy eating choices 

I know how to help myself go to sleep and why sleep is good for me

I can wash my hands thoroughly and understand why it is important, especially before eating and after using the toilet 

I know what a stranger is and how to keep safe if a stranger approaches me 


Relationships - Puzzle Piece 5 


I can identify some of the jobs I do in my family and how I feel like I belong 

I know how to make friends to stop myself from feeling lonely

I can think of ways to solve problems and stay friends 

I am starting to understand the impact of unkind words 

I can use 'calm me time' to manage my feelings 

I know how to be a good friend 


Changing Me - Puzzle Piece 6 


I can name parts of the body 

I can tell you some things I can do and foods I can eat to be healthy 

I understand that we grow from babies to adults 

I can express how I feel about moving to Year 1 

I can talk about my worries 

I can share my memories and my best bits of Reception