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Happy half term! 



Multiply fractions by an integer (whole number)

Visit the BBC Bitesize website to revise multiplying fractions by an integer before completing the activity below.


Time between (Easier)

Click the link to complete the lesson on the MyMaths website before completing the online homework in MyMaths or the two activities below.


Reading Comprehension


We're going to use a BBC reading lesson. It involves watching 2 videos and answering questions in between and then reading some extracts and answering questions. Attached is a document with questions and activities to complete on the sheet. After completing the activities, tell us, has it left you wanting to read that book? Use the link below to access the lesson.


Spelling Test 

Click on the appropriate link for the words you've been practising all week. Then click the  "Practice / Test" button and begin your test. If you make a mistake, don't worry, it will guide you and help you to spell it correctly - all good learning. At the end of the "test" a window will open in the middle of your screen and at the bottom of the window it will say how many you got correct on the 1st attempt, 2nd attempt etc.



Can you help Grandpa George? Watch Episode 3 again: ‘They have fans, but we have friends!’

As always with PSCHE, if you can discuss it with an adult then please do so.

For the activity, you need to think about how Grandpa could Safely use the tablet to solve his problems – be as inventive as possible. See the PDF below.



Watch and join in with the video and then complete the listening activity.

Try to do both if you can - it's good for you and the mind.


Sit in a quiet space eg in the garden, in your room and spend 5 - 10 minutes just listening and focusing on what you can hear, thinking about the following questions on the  PDF below. 

    When you hear a sound, do you start thinking about which sounds you like and which ones you don’t?

    Why do you think our minds do that?

    When you hear a sound, does it sometimes make you start thinking about something else (a memory, for             example)?

     Do you normally notice these sounds when you are in this room? If not, why do you think you don’t notice them?

     Try to think of 5 different sounds and fill in words linked with each sound and answers to the questions above in         the 5 though bubbles on the sheet - 1 bubble for each sound.

You'll be amazed at what you hear when you stop and really listen.





Complete the Pobble PDF activity attached below.




Choose the activity that is suitable for you.


Dividing Decimals

Visit the BBC Bitesize website to revise this topic before solving the problems.



Time (Easier)

Click the link to complete the online lesson and homework activity on the MYMaths website.


Alternatively, click the time PDF below. 




Have a go at the questions in the PDF below. 



Choose the activity that is suitable for you. 


Dividing fractions

Before solving today's problems, if you can, visit the BBC Bitesize website to revise how to divide a fraction.

With all of these problems, the divisor is a factor of the numerator which means that the numerator can be divided using straight forward division and the denominator will not change.


Telling the time to 5 minutes (Easier)

Visit MyMaths to complete the online lesson before completing the online homework activity in MyMaths.


Alternatively, have a look at the PDF below which contains part of the online homework. 



If you can complete this activity with an adult then please do so.

Watch Episode 3: ‘They have fans, but we have friends!’

Work through the questions on the PDF below, as a discussion if you can, if not then write them down and discuss them when you can with an adult. Then fill in the thoughts for "Alfie" in his thought bubble.



Have a go at following the video below. Great for relaxing, calming and clearing our minds.


Mindfulness activity: If you go for a walk then take the chance to explore textures in nature: On your walk collect several different objects and observe/describe how each feels.If you don't have chance to go out or have access to a garden, then collect some objects from your home.Sit with them and close your eyes and experience the different textures. Which do you prefer? Why?




All activities are posted on SeeSaw, if you can't access it then use the PDF's below.


Reading Comprehension - Worst Jobs for Kids!

Read the text - some of it may shock you! then read the question and highlight the important words. Find those words in the text and check what you have found answers the question.




Choose the activity that is suitable for you

Visit the BBC Bitesize website to revise multiplying fractions  or identifying shaded fractions before solving today's problems


Multiplying fractions


What fraction is shaded? (Easier)

For extra practise and to play a game click here





Using this video clip write a diary entry from the point of view of one of the birds. How were they feeling and what were they thinking as the day went on? 


Spellings for the week 15.5.20 – 22.5.20

Try to learn these spellings this week, it should be revision. You could use this to perfect your handwriting by writing sentences for each word, like we do in school. Remember tall letters tall and lower case letters the same size. Remember your joins. The link is to a website to help you - click on Spelling tiles for different activities. We'll do a "test" next Friday.


doubt   island   lamb    solemn    thistle    knight       limb   tomb    whistle     plumber     column


Maths  3-D Shapes

Choose the activity that is suitable for you. Click the link and complete the online lesson if you can before you complete today's tasks.


Recognise 3-D Shapes


Name and describe 3-D shapes (easier)



Today's PSCHE is all bout feelings and we've entrusted the help of Beano! There's a video to watch, a  powerpoint (the video is on the powerpoint too but the link is below if you need it) and the tasks that are on the powerpoint I've put on a workable sheet, there's a game (please do this with an adult) and then to finish a gap-filling word-search.



Complete the activities and the short quizzes. Don't worry that it says Year 7 you actually learnt these phrases in Year 3!