Waterloo Primary School

Where Pupils Shine

Mission Statement and Values

Our Mission Statement:


A pupil at Waterloo Primary will:


  • know and understand their place in the world and their importance and value to society as global citizens
  • understand the importance of and have the ability to care for themselves and others in their community
  • develop the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute successfully to the modern world

Our Values


At Waterloo Primary School we:


Care for others and our world and help everybody stay safe,

Encourage each other as we learn together,

Listen and welcome the opinions of others,

Value everyone and everything, 

Try our best in all things and never give up,

Respect everybody and everything,

Forgive each other! 



Waterloo Primary School Lesson Study 2018

3 teachers from Waterloo Primary school near Liverpool in the UK share their learning from a Lesson Study carried out in a Year 1 class in 2018.