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Year 1

This content will be delivered through standalone PSHE lessons and will be reinforced throughout our school days. 

If you have any concerns regarding the content of our curriculum, please contact Miss Wilson (Assistant Head/Curriculum Lead). 

We will always inform parents/carers 2 weeks prior beginning puberty/sex education lessons. We will also send a reminder the day before. 

Being Me in My World - Puzzle 1

Children will be reassured that they are valued within their class and that they can feel proud of their achievements. 

They will begin to understand how actions have consequences. 


  • I can explain why my class is a happy and safe place to learn 
  • I can explain how everyone in my class has responsibilities to make it a happy and safe place 



Celebrating Differences - Puzzle 2 

Through this unit, children will consider the importance of friendship. They will discuss how they can make new friends. Children will reflect on the importance of using kind words. Children will share and develop their understanding of how the choices they make have consequences and will consider their rights and responsibilities as class members.


  • I can say why I am proud of the things that make me special 
  • I understand that I am different from my friends and that we are all unique
  • I understand what bullying is and how to report it


Dreams and Goal - Puzzle 3 

Through this unit, children will consider how they can overcome obstacles and who can help and support them them. 


  • I can talk about a challenge I did well with and how I celebrated it 
  • I can talk about what helped me to succeed and how success felt
  • I can choose how to celebrate my success and know how to store it in my internal treasure chest


Healthy Me - Puzzle 4 

Through this unit, children will be made aware of who they can go to if they are worried about their health.


  • I know that healthy choices make people feel good about themselves and I can talk about how being healthy helps people to feel happy
  • I know my body is special and that I need to take care of it
  • I can talk about ways to keep my body safe and healthy and I know some things that could harm my body
  • I can tell you who I can go to for help if I feel unsafe 
  • I know that medicines can help if used properly, but can cause harm if misused
  • I know how to keep myself safe when it is sunny
  • I know that some household products could be harmful and they might have a hazard symbol 
  • I know how to stay safe when crossing a road 


Relationships - Puzzle 5

Through this unit, children will identify family members and will gain an understanding that all families are different. They will consider and discuss what it means to be a good friend. They will begin to recognise qualities in themselves that make them a good friend. 


  • I can talk about someone who is special to me; why I appreciate them and why I think we get on well together
  • I can talk about how I feel about my relationship with a person who is special to me 


Additional Safeguarding: 

  • I understand that violence of any form is unacceptable at home, in school or in the wider community 
  • I know what to do and who to talk to if I see, hear or experience violence taking place 


Changing Me - Puzzle 6 


  • I respect my body and understand which parts (mouth, chest, bottom, vagina, penis, vulva and anus) are private
  • I know who I can talk to if my body isn't being respected by somebody
  • I know when it is appropriate to talk about my body parts