Waterloo Primary School

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Year 2

Being Me in My World - Puzzle 1


  • I can explain how my behaviour can impact upon others in my class
  • I can compare my own and my friends' choices and can talk about why some choices are better than others
  • I know that my choices can have positive and negative consequences 


Celebrating Differences - Puzzle 2 


  • I can say why I am proud of the things that make me special 
  • I understand that I am different from my friends and that we are all unique
  • I understand what bullying is and how to report it


Dreams and Goal - Puzzle 3 


  • I can compare myself to my friends and can describe some similarities and differences 
  • I can talk about how I feel about similarities and differences 
  • I understand what bullying is and what I can do to prevent it 


Healthy Me - Puzzle 4 


  • I can compare my choices and my friends' choices and can talk about how it feels to make and share things with my friends 
  • I can identify and prepare healthy snacks and I can talk about why they are good for my body 
  • I can tell you who I can go to if I don't feel safe 


Additional Safety: 

I will revisit my learning form Year One about how to safely cross a road 

  • I understand how to keep safe when travelling in a car 
  • I know that is is dangerous to play on rail tracks 
  • I know the importance of staying away from the track when I am waiting for the train 
  • I know how to keep safe when near water 


Relationships - Puzzle 5


  • I can talk about things that cause my friends and I to fall out 
  • I can talk about and use positive problem solving techniques 
  • I understand that all families are different (including single parent families, same sex parents, adoptive parents, foster carers, families with one child or siblings) 


Changing Me - Puzzle 6 


I will revisit my learning about different body parts from Year 1 

  • I can identify and talk about male and female body parts 
  • I can say what I like and dislike about being a boy or a girl 
  • I can talk about similarities and differences that boys and girls can have in personality and behaviour 
  • I know who I can talk to if my body isn't being respected by someone 
  • I know when it s appropriate to talk about my body parts 


Additional Safeguarding 

I will revisit my learning about how violence at home, in school and in the wider community is unacceptable and I can tell you what I should do if I witness violence