Waterloo Primary School

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Year 3

Being Me in My World - Puzzle 1


  • I can name some of the responsible choices I make in school
  • I can tell you who I can go to fo help if I need it 
  • I can evaluate different choices that I or others make in school and can explain the consequences that there might be
  • I can link these choices to the need for rules, rights and responsibilities 
  • I can explain why it is important to feel valued 


Celebrating Differences - Puzzle 2 


  • I can recognise a time when my words affected someone's feelings and I can explain the effect that my words had on my relationship with that person 
  • I can give and recieve genuine compliments 
  • I understand what bullying is and what I can do to prevent it 


Dreams and Goal - Puzzle 3 


  • I am able to share my success and the difficulties I have faced 
  • I know how to store my feelings of success in my internal treasure chest 
  • I understand what the word budget means 
  • I understand the importance of saving 


Healthy Me - Puzzle 4 


  • I can recognise things that are unsafe for me and tell you who I should go to for help if I feel unsafe 
  • I can express and respond appropriately to feelings of anxiety or fear 
  • I know how to make healthy life choices (exercise, screen time, diet, sleep etc.) 
  • I understand that some drugs can be helpful but others can cause harm 


Relationships - Puzzle 5


  • I can explain how some of the actions and the work of people around the world help and influence my life 
  • I can explain how the things we buy affect the livelihood of others and the mutual responsibility that this brings 


Changing Me - Puzzle 6 

I will revisit my learning about boys' and girls' body parts from Year 1 and Year 2 


  • I can tell you some of the ways that boys' and girls' bodies change and that these changes are necessary to make babies
  • I recognise how I feel about these changes happening to me and ways to cope with these feelings 
  • I know who I can talk to if my body isn't being respected by someone 
  • I know when it is appropriate to talk about my body parts 


Additional Safeguarding: 

I will revisit my learning about how violence at home, in school and in the wider community is unacceptable and I can tell you what I should do if I witness violence