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Year 5

This content will be delivered through standalone PSHE lessons and some elements will be revisited and embedded throughout our school days. 


Parents/Carers have the right to withdraw children from any statements/lessons which are highlighted in yellow. If you are considering withdrawing your child or have any concerns regarding the content of our curriculum, please contact Miss Wilson (Assistant Head/Curriculum Lead). 

We will always inform parents/carers 2 weeks prior to beginning lessons about puberty/sex education. We will also send a reminder the day before. 

Being Me in My World - Puzzle 1

Through this unit, children will explore the theme of democracy, in relation to our School Council and to our country. 


  • I can compare my life with the lives of other people in this country 
  • I can explain why we have rules, rights and responsibilities to try to make school and the wider community a fair place 
  • I can explain how the actions of one person can impact on another and I can give some examples of this
  • I can explain why rights and responsibilities contribute to making groups effective 
  • I know that the age of criminal responsibility in England is 10


Celebrating Differences - Puzzle 2 

Through this unit, children will consider cultural differences and how these differences can sometimes lead to conflict. They will learn about varying types of bullying, including spreading rumours and name-calling. 


  • I can explain what verbal, indirect and physical bullying are and can offer a range of strategies to help myself and others 
  • I can explain why racism and other forms of discrimination are unacceptable and how this makes me feel 
  • I can suggest why some people are the target of bullying/discrimination and why respect is an important value 


Dreams and Goal - Puzzle 3 

This unit will be supplemented with a biannual careers event. Children will explore a range of different jobs and will consider their own aspirations. They will find out more about how the skills they are developing today, will be relevant in the workplace. 


  • I can compare my hopes and dreams with those of young people from different cultures 
  • I can reflect on the hopes and dreams of young people from other cultures and can explain how this makes me feel 
  • I can talk about my hopes and dreams and how they make me feel 
  • I understand the importance of having aspirations (linked to jobs/career) 
  • I understand that having money and possessions do not always make people happy 


Healthy Me - Puzzle 4 

Through this unit, children will learn about the concepts of basic first aid, for example, dealing with common injuries and how to raise an alarm. They will learn about the media can promote particular body types and that can impose pressure on young people. They will learn about how images in the media aren't always true to life. 


  • I can explain different roles that food and substances can play in people's lives 
  • I can explain how people can develop eating disorders, relating to body image pressures 
  • I can explain how smoking and alcohol misuse is unhealthy 
  • I can summarise different ways that I respect and value my body; I can consider the part this plays in maintaining my self confidence 


Additional Safety: 

I can explain how to stay safe when travelling independently (on foot or by public transport) 

I have passed my cycling proficiency test 

I will revisit my learning about how violence at home, in school and in the wider community is unacceptable and I can tell you what I should do if I witness violence 

Child Exploitation: 

I understand that some people exploit children for their own benefit 

I know how I can keep myself safe from exploitation 

Terrorism and Extremism: 

I understand what the words terrorism and extremism mean and the differences between them 

I understand that people can be vulnerable to being radicalised and how to protect myself from this


Relationships - Puzzle 5

Through this unit, children will be developing an awareness of their self-esteem. They will begin to recognise and verbalise their qualities and characteristics. They will learn about online communities and the benefits and risks that can be involved. They will consider the damaging impact of excess screen time and that online gaming can be helpful to relax but it also comes with responsibilities. 


  • I can compare different types of relationships and feelings associated with them
  • I can explain how to stay safe when using technology to communicate with friends, including how to stand up for myself, negotiate and resist peer pressure 
  • I can explain the pressures that might make me or others use technology in a risky way 
  • I can apply strategies to manage my feelings and the pressure I may feel when using technology 



Changing Me - Puzzle 6 

Through this unit, children will explore body image. They will further understand that sexual intercourse can lead to conception and this how babies are usually made. They will also be made aware that sometimes people need IVF to become pregnant. They will identify things they are looking forward to in their new year group. 


  • I can identify the physical and emotional changes that boys and girls go through during puberty 
  • I can express how I feel about the changes that puberty brings 
  • I understand why looking after myself physically and emotionally is important
  • I can summarise the process of conception (revisited from science lesson) 
  • I know who I can talk to if my body isn't being respected by somebody 
  • I know when it is appropriate to talk about my body parts, puberty and sex