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Year 6

This content will be delivered through standalone PSHE lessons and some aspects will be revisited and embedded throughout our school days. 


Parents/Carers have the right to withdraw children from any statements/lessons which are highlighted in yellow. If you are considering withdrawing your child or have any concerns regarding the content of our curriculum, please contact Miss Wilson (Assistant Head/Curriculum Lead). 

We will always inform parents/carers 2 weeks prior to beginning lessons about puberty/sex education. We will also send a reminder the day before. 

Being Me in My World - Puzzle 1

Through this unit, children will revisit and further consider the theme of democracy in terms of school and globally. 


  • I can explain how my choices can impact on my immediate community and our world 
  • I can compare and contrast my wants and needs with others in my community and around the world 
  • I can identify some universal rights and responsibilities 
  • I can explain why empathising with others is important when considering the choices that I and others make 
  • I understand that having a criminal record could impact on my future life chances 


Celebrating Differences - Puzzle 2 

Through this unit, children will explore different perceptions of 'normal'. They will learn about and discuss a range of differences (including disabilities) and how people can overcome barriers. 


  • I can explain ways in which difference (cultures, beliefs or lifestyles) can be a source of conflict or celebration 
  • I can express my feelings about causes of conflict and celebration 


Dreams and Goal - Puzzle 3 

During this unit, children will consider their own learning strengths and will set realistic goals. They will set staggered steps to achieve goals. 


  • I can describe a range of ways in which I can work with others to make the world a better place 
  • I can explain and justify why I have chosen to do something based on the needs of others 


Healthy Me - Puzzle 4 

Through this unit, children will consider how they can take responsibility for their physical and mental health. They will consider stresses and how stress can lead to substance misuse.


  • I can explain when substances are being used anti-socially or being misused and the impact they can have on an individual and a community 
  • I can identify and apply skills to keep emotionally healthy and to manage stress and pressure 
  • I know the difference between a rule and a law 


Child Exploitation: 


  • I understand that some people exploit children for their own benefit 
  • I know how to keep myself safe from exploitation 


Terrorism and Extremism: 


  • I understand what the words terrorism and extremism mean and the differences between them 
  • I understand that people can be vulnerable to being radicalised and I know how to protect myself from this 



Additional Safety: 

  • I know what the term 'county lines' means and that dangers of exploitation exist in my area 
  • I have an understanding of gang culture and how this can negatively impact on individuals and communities 
  • I can explain how to stay safe when travelling independently (on foot or by public transport) 
  • I have passed my cycling proficiency test 


Relationships - Puzzle 5

Through this unit, children will revisit learning about the importance of looking after their mental health. They will learn about different stages of grief.

They will consider what healthy and unhealthy relationships are. 


  • I can identify when people may be experiencing feelings of loss 
  • I can explain the feelings I might feel if I lost someone special 
  • I recognise when people are trying to gain control or power (healthy  and unhealthy relationships) 
  • I know when to stand up for myself or others in real life or online situations and I know how to do this appropriately 

Additional Safeguarding: 

I will revisit my learning about how violence at home, in school and in the wider community is unacceptable and I can tell you what I should do if I witness violence 


Changing Me - Puzzle 6 

Through this unit, children will recap on learning from Year 4 and 5 about puberty and about the importance of looking after their physical and mental wellbeing. They will revisit learning from Year 5 about how sexual intercourse can lead to conception. They will consider how being physically attracted to someone can change the nature of a relationship. 

They will consider things they are looking forward to as they move to their new schools. 


  • I can identify the main stages by which a baby develops through conception, pregnancy and birth 
  • I can reflect on how the experience of pregnancy and childbirth might feel from the viewpoint of a parent and can express my own thoughts about it 


Additional Safety: 

  • I understand what the term 'sexual consent' means and the legal age of consent in the UK 
  • I know there are different types of contraception to protect from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections 
  • I am aware of pressures created by false media and the importance of a positive self image 
  • I know that it is illegal for children to sext (send explicit images or videos) and understand the implications that it can have 
  • I know who I can talk to if my body isn't being respected by somebody 
  • I understand that there is a difference between a rule and a law