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Community Links

Community Links

At Waterloo Primary School we are invested in our local community. We strive to support local businesses and take pride in our local area. We are also fortunate enough to be supported by a variety of local groups and businesses.

Sainsburys Crosby

We have been very fortunate this year to have forged links with our local Sainsburys in Crosby who have nominated our school as one of their Charities of the Year. They regularly donate food and gifts to support school and families linked to our Wellbeing Centre as well as providing Breakfast cereals and food for our Breakfast and Afterschool Club.

Soroptimist Support

We are incredibly lucky to have 12 volunteers from Soroptimists International coming in to support our school. Reading is always a huge focus here at Waterloo Primary and our volunteers will be coming in once a week to read with children across the school to support their learning. 

Coop donations

A huge thank you to the team at Coop for donating fruit for our children. We all had extra energy all day thanks to the generous donations.

Merchant Taylor's School

We took delivery of a number of Christmas Hampers provided by Merchant Taylor's School and our staff ensured they went to families in our area.

Library Trips

Each term our classes will be visiting Crosby Library to support their learning. A timetable for Autumn visits are below. Crosby Library is an excellent resource in the heart of our community which allows children and adults to borrow books. Let's keep our love of reading alive and support our local library.


ReceptionYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

Visits start in Spring once children are settled in.

Story share and tour of the library (Autumn 2)Story share and tour of the library (Autumn 1)Research the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages (Autumn 1)

Research The Romans

(Autumn 1)

Research Earth and Space

(Autumn 1)

Visits to start in Spring. 




Library trips

Supporting local businesses

Here at Waterloo, each class has a 'class novel'. This is a reading for pleasure book that is read as a whole class every day. Miss Au and some of our Y5 pupils took a visit to Pritchard's Bookshop on Moor Lane in Crosby to purchase some of our new novels. 

Father Christmas comes to visit! 

A huge thankyou to Rotary Club of Crosby who organised for Father Christmas to come and visit our children. There were many wide eyes and open mouths as he made his way into our playground. 

Nursing home carols

Unfortunately, due to COVID we weren't able to do our usual Christmas visits to our local care homes. However this didn't stop us! Our Reception children carried out a Zoom call and sang some carols to the residents of a local care home and chatted about what they like about Christmas.