Waterloo Primary School

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Cultural Capital

This is our bespoke map for cultural capital (based on the DfE activity passport). Visit our termly overviews to see how this is linked to our curriculum. 


  • Visit a local park 
  • Visit our local post office and post a letter
  • Get soaking wet in the rain
  • Bake flapjacks
  • Visit a farm 
  • Visit a safari park 
  • Have class caterpillars/butterflies


  • Have a visit from a bee keeper
  • Moon walk (like an astronaut) 
  • Take a stroll along the beach
  • Walk bare foot in the sand
  • Visit a local library
  • Build a den
  • Visit a farm and pick fruit (transition trip with Year 1 staff) 

Year 1

  • Visit a local park
  • Create a class collage
  • Bake biscuits
  • Perform a dance
  • Visit a local library
  • Visit elderly residents in our community 
  • Follow a rout map
  • Walk in a forest
  • Take part in a play day 
  • Make a puppet
  • Learn to play a board game
  • Perform in front of their class
  • Create a piece of artwork for an exhibition
  • Write a weather report
  • Roll down a hill
  • Make a daisy chain
  • Visit a museum (toys from the past)


Year 2 

  • Visit a transport museum
  • Travel by train, ferry and tram 
  • Interview someone 
  • Build a bridge and check its strength
  • Learn a french song 
  • Visit the beach
  • visit an airport 
  • Visit a synagogue
  • Buy something and check you change 




  • Start a collection and share it with your class 
  • Go on a bug hunt
  • Eat something you have grown 
  • Eat something you have not tried before 
  • prepare a fruit kebab
  • Plan a Christmas party 
  • Bake a cake
  • Dress up as a superhero 





Year 3 

  • Visit a mine
  • Produce fossil rubbings
  • Visit a temple
  • Write in hieroglyphics 
  • Create a pinhole camera
  • Visit an art gallery 
  • Go on a sculpture trail 


  • Try yoga 
  • Create a soundtrack for a piece of film 
  • Compose a piece of music
  • Prepare a healthy snack 
  • Design and make a board game 
  • Learn about a new religion 



Year 4 

  • Visit a new city 
  • Record sounds for others to guess 
  • Take part in an Italian banquet 
  • Visit a museum  
  • Write a story for Reception 



  • Create a sculpture 
  • Choreograph a dance
  • Write and perform a poem 
  • Plan a tour of their local area





Year 5 

  • Learn new things about your local area 
  • visit a museum 
  • Spend a night away from home 
  • look up at the stars on a clear night 
  • Make a large scale model 
  • Climb something taller than you 
  • Learn how to knit 
  • Keep a diary for a week 


  • Learn how to sew a button on 
  • Take part in a debate 
  • Go litter picking 
  • Take part in a Victorian theme day 
  • Visit an Eco-centre 
  • Visit an art gallery 
  • Make and try scouse 



Year 6 

  • Visit a museum 
  • Make chapatti bread
  • Write a speech 
  • learn how to access the news 
  • Make an electrical model 
  • Choose objects to put in a time capsule 
  • Visit a mosque
  • Organise and perform in a service 

Throughout School Journey 

  • Perform in a class assemblies 
  • Vote for/be elected as Eco-Council Rep
  • Vote for/be elected as School Council Rep 
  • Vote for/be elected as Anti-bullying Ambassador 
  • Watch a theatre performance 
  • Share lessons with family members 
  • Perform in a play 
  • Take part in a careers event 
  • Take part in Autism Awareness 



  • Take part in a community picnic
  • Design a product and pitch to investors 
  • Perform in a nativity 
  • Dress up for World Book Day 
  • Take part in fund raising events 
  • Practice mindfulness/meditation 
  • Take part in a carol service 
  • Take part in a harvest festival/collect for local food bank