Waterloo Primary School

Where Pupils Shine

Curriculum Intent Statement

We are committed to developing pupils’ academic resilience, to enable them to access and fully engage with the progressive and connected curriculum we provide. With our pupils’ wellbeing at the forefront, we deliver a curriculum which fulfils all statutory requirements. Teaching and learning opportunities are thoughtfully mapped to enable pupils to develop the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to contribute successfully in the modern world. Pupils revisit, apply and deepen their learning within and across subject areas, whilst maintaining each subject as an independent discipline, with its own unique set of skills.

Our local area is a diverse, with easy access to a wealth of stimulating learning opportunities. Through purposeful community links, our pupils are encouraged to embrace diversity and to make positive contributions. By taking learning outside of the classroom, we aim for pupils to recognise, value and engage with the rich cultural heritage which surrounds them. 

We believe that British values are fundamental to cohesion and successful participation in society and we promote these values throughout our curriculum.   

Educating and empowering our children to make good decisions and to know how and when to seek help is paramount to safeguarding and our curriculum is designed to reflect this. We support children to understand the importance of, and have the ability to care for themselves and other community members. We aim to alert our children to potential risks, without making them apprehensive or fearful of their surroundings.

We recognise that our children reflect our socially diverse community and consider it crucial for them to develop a strong vocabulary that enables them to articulate their opinions, academic understanding and emotions. Key vocabulary is mapped across the curriculum; opportunities to revisit and embed learnt vocabulary are planned for. Key knowledge and vocabulary for units of work are shared with families in order to further consolidate learning. 

We regard reading as an essential building block for learning across all subject areas. Taught reading skills are embedded and applied across our curriculum. Provision of resources, along with supportive teaching, immerse children in a wealth of literature. This promotes independent learning and curiosity to expand on what they learn in the classroom. Opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills are planned for across subject areas. Questioning, tasks and resources are skilfully planned to scaffold and challenge, ensuring every child, whatever their starting point, can deepen their understanding.

Our aim is for each child to confidently enter the next stage of their education with the necessary skills, knowledge and mind-set to reach their academic potential and to thrive, knowing and understanding their place in the world and their importance and value to society as global citizens.