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Y2 - Zara 

Y2 - Miles 

Y3 - Dylan

Y3 - Betty

Y4 - Ethan J

Y4 - Joseph

Y5 - Themshana

Y5 - Riley

Y6 - Phoenix

Y6 - Mia 


Our Eco Committee have achieved the 'Silver Flag Award' and are in the process of preparing for Green Flag Status. The children take on roles and responsibilities throughout the school - Eco-warriors red carding where lights and other electrical items have been left on, litter pickers supporting our caretaking staff in ensuring that the environment is clean and tidy and the recycling team supporting with the collection of plastic bottles, food waste and paper.


So far this year the Eco Committee have:

  • provided recycling boxes for every classroom in the school
  • devised a new Eco Code 
  • taken part in Switch-Off Fortnight (which the Eco Committee delivered an assembly about)
  • conducted an environmental review of the school and advised staff and pupils on how we can save energy
  • signed up for an Air Quality Monitor so that we can monitor carbon emissions
  • had a meeting with Bridie Finnan from Sefton Council to discuss how we can prevent carbon emissions 


Our plans now are to: 

  • grow fruit and vegetables for the school kitchen 
  • carry out litter picking duties on the school yard and in the local community
  • build a green wall at the front of our school
  • get our Green Flag award!



Our first virtual Eco Council meeting!

Miss Marshall was delighted by the huge success of our first virtual meeting - what fantastic enthusiasm and superb contributions from all Eco Councillors! 

We have an exciting opportunity to enter a competition for Food Action Week. Please see the entry form above and ensure that all entries are submitted to Southport Eco Centre by 28th March 2021


Have fun and good luck!

Congratulations to Christopher - one of the winners of Southport Eco Centre's Warmer Homes competition!