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School Complaints Procedure

Here you will find information about our school’s complaints procedure. Please refer to the policy below.

It also includes any arrangements for handling complaints from parents of children with special educational needs (SEN) about the support the school provides. It is in everyone's interest that complaints and concerns are dealt with at the earliest possible stage.

Most issues can be resolved informally without the need to use the formal complaints procedure. Here at Waterloo Primary School we take all your concerns seriously and make every effort to resolve them as quickly as possible.

We understand however, that there are occasions when people would like to raise their concerns formally. In this case, our school will attempt to resolve the issue internally, through the stages outlined within our complaints procedure at the bottom of this page. Should you require a paper copy, please contact the school office and this will be provided to you.


Special educational needs (SEN)

Any complaints regarding the SEN support provided by our school should first be raised with the SENCO, Mrs R Jones, then if necessary with the Headteacher and, if unresolved, with the SEND Governors.

Complaints Policy 2020-2021