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The Waterloo Partnership


We are involved in the Waterloo Partnership.


In our Waterloo community here in Liverpool, we support our friends in Waterloo in Sierra Leone.



The Waterloo Partnership was founded in 2005, following an earlier visit to Sierra Leone by a British Parliamentary delegation in which our then local MP took part.  Moved by the  needs of the country following the end of the civil war, a small number of  volunteers from Waterloo and Crosby in Merseyside made a fact-finding visit to Waterloo SL, and the charity was subsequently registered with the Charity Commission.

Sponsoring Amie Lamin


For the past four years we have been sponsoring Amie's health and education needs and the members of our school community are really proud to be able to give her the education and health services that we are automatically entitled to in this country.

We love sending her letters, cards and gifts and get very excited when we receive letters, progress reports, videos and photos.







Amie's Progress Reports