Waterloo Primary School

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Uniform Information

We encourage all of our pupils to wear a school uniform to establish an identity within our community; to ensure sensible, safe standards of dress for the children and to encourage a sense of both personal and school pride.  We expect and encourage high standards of personal appearance here at Waterloo Primary.


Some general points on uniform and dress:

  • Please mark all clothing clearly with your child’s name (please regularly check that names are still visible throughout the year).
  • We have an unbelievably large amount of school uniform including coats which have been left in school throughout the year and which have no names to identify them, most of this uniform is in excellent condition and can be re worn if not claimed. 
  • Usually this uniform would be offered to the Family Wellbeing Centre for distribution if required to their families but mostly this ends up being recycled.
  • This year we will be offering a Pre - Loved Uniform sale for these items. School will offer washed and good quality items of uniform to all our parents.These items can be found in the Main Entrance by the School Office, all we ask is for a small donation to School Funds. 
  • Please see suppliers information below.