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Talking To Your Children About Mental Health

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Mindfulness and Meditation

Bucket Filling

Here at Waterloo Primary School we know that we are all like invisible buckets carrying our good thoughts, actions and feelings. When our buckets are filled, we feel happy and when our buckets are dipped we feel sad.


Each class has a bucket and children receive tokens to fill their buckets when they do and say things that reflect our code of conduct i.e. listening, trying, valuing, respecting, forgiving, encouraging & caring. They also know that when they don’t make good choices those good feelings and the tokens they have earned are lost.  


At Waterloo Primary School, we aim to be bucket fillers not bucket dippers. At the end of each week, we pour each of our class buckets in together, at Praise Assembly, to see what we have earned through all of our positive words and deeds.


Each half term the whole school is set bucket fill targets and if we achieve them then we are all rewarded.


We also encourage and recognise everyone’s efforts to be bucket fillers at home and everywhere else they go.


Be a bucket filler - It makes you and those around you feel good!     



Well Being


Each class is timetabled for 15 minutes of focused well-being activity per day. Activities include: completing the golden mile, meditation, relaxation, breathing exercises and mindful colouring.


In addition, children learn how breathing can help with calming by completing the 'Calm Me' section of their weekly PSHE lesson in which they explore breathing accompanied by a chime bar supported by their Jigsaw Friends  & Jigsaw Jerrie, the Cat who helps us pause when we need to.


Listening Lunch


Children across the school are welcome to attend Listening Lunch daily where they will find a listening ear and friendly faces who offer advice and support or just a calm, mindful space in which they can relax, colour and listen to calming music.