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Anti Bullying Ambassadors

Meet The Team

Our Anti Bullying Ambassadors are:

Chair: John (Y6) 

Vice Chair: Francesca (Y3)

Year 6             

Felix, Grace, Layla, Erin, Christopher, Adam & Zidane                     

Year 5             

Niamh, Conal, Fionn, Neil, Sylvie, Luke & Lottie       

Year 4             

Mia, Seren, Eva, Myla, Bella, Isabelle, Daisy & Hollie

Year 3             

Bella & Isabella

Waterloo Primary School has been actively involved with the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassadors charity since 2012 and we were one of four schools nationally to receive a Diana Anti-Bullying Ambassador team award for our work. A special showcase video of our work was made and Twist n Pulse came to school to celebrate our efforts and champion our school. This was followed by an awards day in London, at Barclays' HQ at which our ambassadors received their awards.


Our initial team of 16 has now grown significantly and since 2012 including pupils who have now left us and moved onto secondary school, we have trained and been privileged to have a total of 93 Ambassadors come through the school.


In order to be appointed as an Ambassador, pupils must write a letter of application and are then shortlisted to interview by a panel consisting of existing ambassadors and members of staff.


Our Anti Bullying Ambassadors can be seen around school in their smiley-faced Ambassador high visibility jackets supporting children with friendships, worries, play and around the Buddy Benches, where children can sit if they feel that they need a friend or some help.


As well as fulfilling their daily tasks, Ambassadors organise regular special events to raise the profile of the importance of friendship, tolerance, anti-bullying and simple acts of kindness. They are also responsible for redrafting the anti-bullying and behaviour policies.


The Ambassadors lead assemblies and organise activities annually to celebrate National Anti-Bullying Week.

Any parents or family members are welcome to attend meetings and make suggestions as to future events or activities that the ambassadors could organise or ways in which they could further support out school community.

New Ambassador Training -November 2019 -Welcome to the team!

Anti-Bullying Week November 2018 - Theme 'Choose Respect'- Activities planned by Ambassadors following November meeting

Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training October 2018 - Our new additions to the team participated enthusiastically and were a credit to the school.

National Stand Up to Bullying Day -13th June 2018


Pupils, parents and staff all joined together to stand up to bullying sharing our three key messages for the day:

  • Don't be a bystander, be an upstander
  • Stay Safe Online
  • Kindness is the Key


Our Ambassadors were at the ready to share our key messages and random acts of kindness with parents on the playground before school. Parents loved receiving smiley stickers for sharing their smiles, helpfulness and positive messages with others.


Planned Tasks set by the Ambassadors

  • social media tool kit
  • schools pack


#StandUpToBullying for any social media posts made


  • Key themes for the day
    • Be an upstander not a bystander
    • Kindness is the key
    • Stay safe online



8.45am -9am – Ambassadors giving out pledges to parents on the playground

9am -9.30am – SM delivering whole school assembly – Thunderclap and key messages

3 class tasks (linked to each key theme) to be completed at some point throughout the day

Task 1 – Be an upstander not a bystander - See stand up to bullying resource pack for lesson plan –Task 2 – Kindness is the key - Choose one activity from the following:

  • Write and share compliments cards in your class (templates provided)
  • Compliments snowball –Each child has an A4 piece of paper with class members’ name on it. They write something positive about the person, scrunch each piece up and the snowballs are thrown, pick up a snowball and write another compliment about the person. Repeat until the pupils have a page of compliments that they can take home (template provided)
  • Compliments Sunflower – each pupil’s name is put on a petal template. Complete in the same way as compliments cards, but then put them together to create a sunflower display in class (this may be particularly nice for Y3 & 5 who are study the parts of a plant as it could be used as a dual purpose display with interactive labels down the side that pupils can try to accurately position for each part of the flowering plant.

Task 3 – Stay safe online – reinforce the message in an age appropriate manner regarding the use of internet surfing, Youtube, social media and gaming (approx. 2/3 of Ambassadors have a social media account and a good number have a Youtube account so this gives us an idea of the bigger picture.

Pupils could make posters, video, blogs that could be uploaded to the website or through Twitter account (NB permissions for individual pupils)


Homework task – Age appropriate scenario sheet covering each of the key themes


- You are playing Xbox live and somebody you are playing against starts to be mean to you what write about what you would do?

- You see a group of people on the playground circling a person and laughing at them. What would you do?

- List as many ways that you can be kind to people as you can think of…


Ambassadors will also meet with SM (Time TBC) to review the Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-bullying Ambassador Workshops in Blackpool 2017

Winning Posters for our Anti-Bullying Week Poster Competition

Anti-Bullying Week 2015 - Blackpool

National Anti-Bullying Week 2015 On the 10th November 2015, the Diana Award's Anti-Bullying Campaign brought together over 300 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and their staff from across the north of England to celebrate National Anti-Bullying Week with some very special guests.

Radio Broadcast on Ambassador Work

We were contacted by a Radio Merseyside and asked if they could run a broadcast on our work as they had heard that we were being very proactive.