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A Whole School Approach to Personal Social Health Education

PSHE and RSHE Policy (Includes objectives taught in each year group) 

Here are some tips for talking to your child about puberty and sex education:  

We will always give you 2 weeks notice before teaching about puberty or sex education. We will also send out a reminder the day before. We appreciate that sometimes questions can be difficult to answer. 

  • Research shows us that children want and need to understand relationships, puberty and human reproduction, and want to be able to talk with parents/carers about this when they have had lessons at school. 
  • Providing them with facts isn't a case of taking away their innocence. It is empowering them to make safe and healthy choices. Children will hear lots of misinformation from peers and through the media. 
  • Be honest. If you don't know the answer to a question or you're not sure how to answer it, tell them you will give it some thought and get back to them. 
  • Use correct terminology, especially for naming body parts.
  • Give yourself a moment to think before responding. Buy time with responses like, 'that's an interesting question, what made you ask that?' It's fine to say you will discuss it at a later time but it's helpful for your child to be told when that will be. 
  • Your child might really need to confide in you when they are older. It is important that they don't see this as something that is dirty or something they should feel ashamed about. 
  • If it all feels too personal, try using the, 'I'm asking for a friend', approach. Talk about fictional characters/made up stories. 
  • Enjoy it. Laugh with each other! 
  • Work in partnership with school. Feel free to ask us for any help and support.