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Our Remote Learning Offer


At Waterloo Primary we have integrated Google Classroom into our curriculum. We have trained all our children in how to use this and all our staff have also been trained to help them deliver the best quality remote learning possible. As a school we are in regular contact with all our families  through phone calls, pushapps, emails and visits to give feedback and offer support. We have provided devices and technical support to our children and have worked closely with our Family Wellbeing Centre to visit and support our families when needed. Working together we will meet the challenges of remote learning and will strive to offer the best education to all our pupils whilst they work remotely.

Feedback from our parents about the remote learning offer.



"Thank you for making our home learning so enjoyable"



"Iris was very happy to see miss valesco’s face today it's so lovely to see our children connecting with their teachers again! We miss you all!"



"Is it just me or do other parents like listening in to these lessons to learn new stuff?! Well done year 2 and all Waterloo staff, you are doing an amazing job!"



"Maggie’s treat for getting Golden tea she’s been doing amazing and we’re so grateful for the school and how interactive you’ve been! Made lockdown 3 bearable!"



"making children happy even remotely! Munchkin was delighted to receive her prize in the post. Thank you to all staff for just being amazing and thank you to all the children you are super stars"



"when Spider-Man and Anna (Frozen) appear on a remote learning lesson and you see the children’s faces, you know just how amazing Waterloo staff are!!"



" I wanted to say thank you to you all for your constant support since we have been home schooling. When speaking with friends and family around home schooling and their experiences it is clear your school approach is well ahead. Other parents have mentioned they wished their schools would do things the way ours have.

Having work posted each day for zak and daily activities arranged for Kai, certainly has  relieved some of the pressure that I'm sure all parents are feeling. I really am so grateful for all the help and support".


"Thank you so much for sending through a 'Star of the week' certificate. It was such an unexpected surprise. Evelyn was thrilled to receive it. I'm sure it gave her a sense of connection to school life. Its the extra little touches like these that keep everyone's spirits up". 


"I just wanted to put it on record how pleased we are with the dedication, hard work and commitment that our son's school has put into ensuring that his year 6 education be impacted as little as possible, during these unprecedented and difficult times.All the staff in the school, from headteacher, class teacher and admin staff have been absolutely exemplary and deserve a great deal of credit. We really could not be happier with how they have handled this potential educational crisis".


"Please pass on my thanks to Mrs Lacey for calling Lottie and helping her feel more comfortable about coming in today and also all staff. I know how hard all the new guidelines are but despite all the change and 6 months of mainly at home Lottie has had an absolutely wonderful day".

Remote Education Information for Parents

Remote Learning Policy