Waterloo Primary School

Where Pupils Shine

Breakfast Club

Here at Waterloo Primary we are very lucky to have an amazing and popular Breakfast Club. Our Breakfast club is a welcoming provision for our children to eat a healthy breakfast in a safe environment before their first class. 

We offer our children a wide range of  breakfast cereals, fruits, toast with jam, honey and as a Friday treat chocolate! Drinks available are orange, apple, milk and water. If your child is vegetarian, has allergies or food intolerances or has any other special dietary requirement this can be catered for. Please call the school office to let us know.

There are lots of things for children to do in Breakfast Club; children can relax on cushions and sofas in the TV lounge and watch a DVD. We also have tablets so the children can play games and use the internet to research the subjects they are learning in the classroom. Children can also complete their homework tasks or just simply surf the net! For our creatives we have the colouring table where children colour and create pictures based on subjects and events in school and around the world. We have tables of board games for quiet play and in the inside hall a big play area filled with blocks, cars/road mats and toys. 

To keep active we have the use of the large school playground where children can play football in the cage or just simply run around. Children also use the the front enclosed area of school where they can use the sandpit, chalkboard, benches and a tunnel to investigate free play. All our Breakfast Club staff also work in school as teaching assistants or supervisory assistants and are well known to the children. Once Breakfast club finishes the younger children are escorted to their classrooms ready to start their lessons.