Waterloo Primary School

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Meet Our Attendance & Punctuality Team


Attendance Lead  - Mrs S Maciver (Deputy Headteacher)

Attendance Administrator - Mrs D Lewis (Office Staff)

Attendance Governor - Miss R Carolan 

Safeguarding Governor - Miss E Young

Early Help Attendance Officer - Suzanne Boylan


Should you have any questions or worries regarding attendance and punctuality please contact the school who will arrange for you to speak to a member of the team. Suzanne isn't based on site but is contactable by school throughout the week and is responsible for home visits.

Attendance Policy with COVID Addendum January 2021


Attendance w/b 28/6/21 = 90% v

Mainstream = 90.5%v

Mainstream (without Reception) = 90.3% v


Mrs Thorpe93.4%98.7%
Miss Wainwright90%94.2%
Mr OttenBubble closed99%
Mrs Franklin/Miss WilsonBubble closed96.7%
Miss Grocott87.3%86.6%
Miss McShane89.1%92.8%
Mr Donoghue98.9%82.5%
Mr Davies87.6%95.6%
Miss Robertshaw90.7%98.6%
Miss Marshall84.8%87.7%
Mrs Lacy89%96.6%
Miss Wilde/Mrs Maciver92.3%92.7%
Mr Evans83.9%98.8%
Miss Robinson96.3%92.3%
Mr Parry96.7%92.5%
Mrs Greaves78%89.8%
Mrs Kelly87.8%95.8%