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As part of our recovery Maths curriculum, the Years 1 - Year 6 curriculum is based upon the NCETM Prioritisation Curriculum.



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Reception Curriculum


As part of our mastery curriculum, Reception follow the 'number a week' approach. Each of the 7 core areas of mathematics is developed through the teaching of each number. 






Teaching for mastery 


Our Teaching for Mastery approach is underpinned by the NCETM (National Centre for for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) 5 Teaching for Mastery principles. 




All children from Reception to Year 6 have 15 minute fluency sessions 3- 5 times a week. 

These sessions provide the opportunity for children to develop their use of mathematical language, their automaticity with their basic recall of number facts; secure their procedural efficiency and how they calculate and their use of the most efficient strategies. 

Manipulatives & Representations


As part our Teaching for Mastery approach and to deepen understanding, the children are provided with opportunities to use manipulatives to explore, question and discuss their mathematics. 



Calculation Policies


Please click on the relevant year group to view the calculation policy and how your child is taught to perform calculations in school.









Year 4 Multiplication check




Maths at home


The children can use the following resources to practise Maths at home. Homework will also be set using these resources when appropriate. 

Please contact the school office or the class teacher if you require your child's password.


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Useful resources and websites

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Reception to Y2 ( or if appropriate for an older child)


Reception to Year 6