Waterloo Primary School

Where Pupils Shine

Afterschool Club

There is a warm and friendly atmosphere in our After school Club where all the children look after and support each other.Older children invent and initiate games that all ages can play and join in with. Children have access to the art box whenever they want, to make fantastic creations.Children have access to footballs, tennis rackets and basketballs for outdoor play, they use the jungle gym and climbing frames and other outdoor facilities provided by the school. At the moment the children are enjoying Bocca, which is a bowls type game. There are dressing up clothes, lots of toys, tunnels and tents and also bubbles and balloons that the children enjoy playing with.We have dvds that the children like to choose and they are enjoyed by everyone. Children also read and do their homework after school. Snacks are a biscuit and juice and on occasion we have cakes, fruit, toast and sweets which we share with each other. If your child is vegetarian, has allergies or food intolerances or has any other special dietary requirement this can be catered for. Please call the school office to let us know.i